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Just a couple of thoughts on Aug 2 Sun BB Episode

Sunday nights episode started with the a super terrible endurance competition, They are all on a “wall” holding on with cold water raining on them, stuffed bald eagles punching them, “bird poop” splatting them, DEF NOT an easy comp! Some how James pulls this off….NOT looking good for Shelay/Clelli   I love that Julia just more »

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The Whack Street BOYS are awesome and Audrey Loses it!

Wednesday night episodes are usually my favorite but tonight it was just so sad…and very little fun… 🙁 Well Audrey is up to her old ways and running her mouth for no real purpose and is driving the house crazy. Specifically against Shelli and Clay who are in’s like she’s smart and then why more »

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Thoughts about Big Brother Week 3

I love the #Gronk party week! The foam comp was fun, the party torture that the houseguest first enjoyed and then didn’t as they became too much for them…the fact that Rob Gronkowski likes #WINNERS! And that Meg won the cup with the Gronk Party Ship cruise which I might even go on…? As far as more »

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Jen’s Thoughts on Big Brother 17 Episode 6

Well Sunday’s show wasn’t that exciting. I was hoping to learn more about seems like a lot of the houseguests like her but we barely know her..I guess now we know that she was hit by a train in the face!! That’s pretty crazy! Could you imagine being hit in the face with a more »

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