AusTwins are just in power for weeks now! Clay Honeycutt coming on after show tomorrow!

What a couple of weeks…the Austwins are in power the entire time…and it looks like everyone is just making sure that everything goes perfectly smooth for them to win the whole thing! I truly think it would be difficult for them not to win at this point. I really hope that whoever comes in tonight really shakes things up because I’m becoming bored with the same people in power the entire season…My pick would be for Shelli to go back in the house!! Especially since we have Clay joining us on the show tomorrow. Has there been any other seasons like this? ¬†They keep showing James pranking people..that’s really where were at this season…my family who has watched every season since I was on, literally stopped watching this year, they said it’s boring and they don’t really like any of the cast enough to watch. ūüôĀ

Hopefully there’s more to report on/discuss soon!

There’s so much more to talk about on our Big Brother 17 After Show will be live TOMORROW with special skype guest Clay Honeycutt¬†at 11am PST¬†TheStreamTV #BB17AS¬†Be sure and send us questions or comments on the youtube channel chat or on twitter with #BB17AS We WILL be showing and discussing a couple of tweets LIVE FRIDAY!!


xoxo, Jen

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