Another week goes by in the BB House..end result Becky or Jason will be going home tomorrow!

Wednesday’s episode starts out as just a continuation of last week…basically the end of the BOB when Liz won

The #BBnomance between Austin and Liz’s super awkward kiss is highlighted and I just don’t see how Austin can possibly think that Liz is into him like that! Watching it literally makes my stomach knot…


Steve starts a romance with a camera..I guess he really is lonely in there..If I was in there I’d be friends with Steve FOR SURE!!!!

Oh man this is the hardest veto comp in my opinion. Rolling a ball back and forth without letting it fall 250 times! Nightmare! Clay easily has the rhythm and the stamina to get this done and DOES!  This was meant for Clay to win for sure!

AND GEEZ what is up with Steve’s hilariously mean diary room about Becky dropping her nut and that he could see her sad to the core and that makes him happy..LOL

And then there is Austin and Vanessa’s conversation where Vanessa tells Austin that she promised the whole house that she would backdoor him. She tells him to go figure out how to make it so she doesn’t look bad to the whole house and to come back to him. I mean really it’s best for her game to not put him up! We all know that, they all know that…Shelli and Clay have a serious conversation about his emotional game.


The Outback Steakhouse winners get to choose 1 person to bring to dinner…Vanessa chooses Becky, Liz chooses Austin, and James chooses Clay! LOL

My favorite line about all this comes from MEG “oh James-ee don’t come crawling back to me when Clay doesn’t put out!” LOL

LOL at Vanessa’s decision making…. “Jason is the glue and the brains of the operation…I mean the other options are Meg who does TV hosting and James is..into chicks!” And they show him doing…this…LOL

Big Brother James Silly

Well Jason goes up, it’s a shock! Jackie, Meg, Jason, James, Becky are all BLINDSIDED but def the SMARTEST move for Vanessa and her alliance!


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