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A Downpour of Impending Changes

Nerds in the wilderness. Hmm, that statement just doesn’t sound right. But that’s the thesis The Big Bang Theory explores in its latest episode — “The Big Bear Precipitation.” Well, we can’t really say that they approached The Revenant levels or even Ernest Goes to Camp levels. It did, though, give the characters a great more »

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Sheldon’s Sentimental Archive

Week after week, we laugh at the characters on The Big Bang Theory for their various idiosyncrasies and how they get them into silly situations. We never really perform any sort of introspection to see if we have any quirks of our own. However, I can say that after “The Solder Excursion Diversion,” I have more »

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A Sheldian Bargain

Hey, After Show fans! Our esteemed hosts — Adam Kruger, Tia Robinson, and Brandee Steger — bring us another great post-episode discussion about that lovable quirky gang from The Big Bang Theory. After having one week off, our crew of awesome nerds return in “The Application Deterioration” with a master plan to get their business more »

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The Big Bang Theory + After Show = Chain Reaction

It’s only fitting that the title and headings of this latest article resemble formulas.  First of all, it’s nerdy.  And when it comes to The Big Bang Theory, you can never be too nerdy.  In the words of the great Anthony Anderson — star of the hit comedy Black-ish — after seeing his geeky TV more »

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