Moves are happening…YAY!! Steve and Johnny Mac are still here. :-)


Well there’s finally some other people in power and Julia is out!

Vanessa wins HOH this week! I guess her paranoia got the best of her and she just thought that it would be okay to screw over half of the house. I guess it’s hard to not go for safety when it gets down to that close but I really think she would have been in a better place had she not won.

The surprise eviction episode was fun! And the houseguests really seemed caught off guard..they’re all lounging in their PJ’s…which now that I think about it is kind of weird considering they film this before 6pm…LOL

I like Johnny Mac but what is he doing, saying he’s going to throw the veto and then thinking he wants to keep Austin over Steve?? WHY?? WHY?? I don’t even understand why to pretend that and for sure don’t understand why you’d actually want that..I’m very happy that he came to his senses on both issues…won the Veto to remove himself and voted out Austin. I can’t wait to hear what his thought process on all this was.

Austin and Liz were for sure blindsided! Austin says Vanessa scum bagged him..haha….and that she’ll get no votes!?! He’s delusional…

In his barefoot exit interview with Julie Austin says he fell in love with Liz and says it’s the most important thing he’s going to take away from the game. I heard from one of my co-hosts that they talked to Austin’s girlfriend and that she’s super upset and I’m sure is now delighted that he’s out…should we get her to Skype with us Friday??


Steve winning HOH doesn’t do much but keep him safe..really it just matters on who wins Veto!! I kind of hope Johnny Mac wins veto…I guess we will see…


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