The Whack Street BOYS are awesome and Audrey Loses it!

Wednesday night episodes are usually my favorite but tonight it was just so sad…and very little fun… 🙁

Well Audrey is up to her old ways and running her mouth for no real purpose and is driving the house crazy. Specifically against Shelli and Clay who are in’s like she’s smart and then why is she sabotaging herself?? Oh well, she’s most likely going home this week and then we don’t have to watch her struggle…it’s painful.

I love love love the Whack Street Boys…if I were in the house I’d be bummed if I wasn’t a part of it! haha..but for reals. I wonder how many times they had to seems like A LOT!I love how excited Shelli and the rest of the house are…my favorite part of this episode for sure YAY groupies! #WhackStreetsBack, OH YEAH!! LOL

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Also there’s more and more glimpses of Shelli and Clay’s #Flirtmance and I know a lot of peeps are saying it’s nothing..and they’ll never work outside of the house because of the age gap but I feel like that’s when things will just start to heat up. They’d def be the HOTTEST, SMARTEST, and STRONGEST BB POWER COUPLE that I’ve ever seen!! I really don’t see how it can fail with how authentic they both are in this game and with each other, they’re really both FULL’s nice to see. 😉

BB17 Shelli and clay cuddle

Well this week continues to be 90’s week with the BB Side High AKA the #SavedByTheSmell Veto …I like how they make a simple thing of remembering the order of colors into a whole production… it’s kind of fun but dang they get messed up with paint and whatever when their out…I feel like there’s a lot of comps that they just get SOO dirty! I’m so glad that was NOT the case when I was on..all that hair washing..and clothes destroyed! Poor houseguests..apparently the explosion is really loud and scary also…in the end Vanessa wins the POV…the #SixthSense alliance are really rolling this house.

Well in the end Audrey continues to LIE and LIE, down talk the HOH and POV holder, be more paranoid and doesn’t even go to the POV meeting..I’ve NEVER seen that…that’s an option?? Well anyway she is put up as the replacement nominee when Vanessa takes Jason down…SHOCKER! My money is all on Audrey for going home this week…probably unanimously.

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xoxo, Jen

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