Austin is going to need real help after he finishes the show..the pics of the #fauxmance kiss

I feel so bad for Austin he’s going to be super crushed! A girl broke up with him if he was going to go on the show and now she’s humiliated from how he’s acting towards Liz so the fact that he’s actually delusional and Liz doesn’t even like him…I mean he’s kind of a loser. The real Liz is just flirty..I mean she was in bed with Jeff before & Austin freaked out and and Julie was distant to him and he didn’t even know they were TWINS!! How could he actually be in love with her. When Austin gets out we need to heal him properly or he’s going to be crushed and so hurt for life.

BB17AS Liz grossed put by Austin

Austin also tells Jason about the twins, he even tells him her name is Julia..what does Austin think is going to happen if he tells Jason that?? Why is Austin doing this him to himself and his alliance? It’s pretty official for me that Austin is not a smart man…all these lies he’s telling..and stories he’s spilling..poor guy.

The twins are close Austin, their TWINS!

Shelli “They’re #WombMates!” about how close the twins are..I LOVE and LOL

Why do they always air Vanessa explaining everything to everyone? Or does she just do it all the time! I feel like it’s too much! And why does she constantly lie..explain her lies to everyone, change her lies constantly and then make it a big deal to everyone that SHE WILL NOT BE LIED TO! And always gives that as “reasons” why she nominates or does something to someone. She’s really turning into an annoying hypocrite. I’m over it!

Jackie nominates Liz and James because “they put her up”

And Vanessa nominates Clay and Becky aka Team America to WIN

However Liz won the Battle of the Block for both her and James and everyone’s plan is caput! I guess you never know what will happen..last year Frankie won that BOB by himself…here’s the 2nd bit of proof that you never volunteer or think any thing in Big Brother is a full proof plan!

We still have Veto to come…I wonder if Vanessa will really be able to follow through on backdooring Austin now that she is the one in power!! I doubt it!

Also I didn’t read the article but I did look a the pics of the Austin and Liz “kiss” over at


Liz Austin Kiss


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