‘You Hung The Moon’: Season 3 Episode 2

As if we didn’t already love The Originals enough, this episode made us adore them even more! After watching Elijah bravely carry around baby Hope in his arms in a dashing suit and witnessing Jackson ferociously fight to find Hayley (while naked, we may add) how can anyone not want to tune in to this show!

‘You Hung The Moon’ was full of drama and excitement, but let’s be honest, we expect nothing less.

The threat against The Originals continues as Lucien carries on about the white oak stake that supposedly can kill them once and for all. But, even with the possible impending doom lurking above them, the vampires turn their attention more towards finding and saving Hayley, than their own fates.

After attacking Lucien and worrying that Hayley is dead, we see that yet again, the hybrid mama can definitely hold her own! LOVING all the girl power in this episode as Hayley takes on a coven of witches and regains control over her hybrid form.

The scene where Hayley confronts Klaus for taking her away from Hope and the troubled parents show off their fighting moves had us all on the edge of our seats! Will those two ever get along and parent their adorable daughter together? We sure hope so (but doubt it)!

We also see Davina really commanding her power in this episode as she successfully gets Hayley to carry out a plan that returns the witches to her control. WHAT A CRAZY SCENE, AM I RIGHT?! Then, we have Cami who finds herself working with the detective, who, we’re not so sure is good just yet.

All we can say after that hour of suspense is, we can’t wait for next week’s episode! Tune in at for more!


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