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Elijah’s Secret Revealed

All three seasons of The Originals, Elijah has been painted as the saintly brother when compared to Klaus. Whatever Klaus does wrong, Elijah bails him out of and the heroic, always put together Elijah appears scotch free. These conceptions of the Mikaelson brothers take a bit of a twist in the latest episode of the more »

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Family, Friend, and Foe

HELLO MY FELLOW THE ORIGINALS FANS! I don’t know about you, but this week’s episode left me wondering who’s telling the truth, who’s full of it, and what’s going to happen to our favorite vampire family?!?! Episode 3 of Season 3 left me with more questions than answers…but I loved it! What I loved the more »

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‘You Hung The Moon’: Season 3 Episode 2

As if we didn’t already love The Originals enough, this episode made us adore them even more! After watching Elijah bravely carry around baby Hope in his arms in a dashing suit and witnessing Jackson ferociously fight to find Hayley (while naked, we may add) how can anyone not want to tune in to this more »

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