James Bamford Spills the Secrets of Arrow’s Fight Scenes

The Season 4 finale of Arrow, “Schism,” featured one of the largest pitched battles in the history of the show. As Damien Darhk and his HIVE ghosts made their final move, Green Arrow was able to rally the citizens of Star City to rise up against them, leading to what Adam Kruger of the Arrow more »

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Did The Flash Just Go Full Flashpoint?

When any form of pop culture starts messing with time travel, it’s always a slippery slope. Unless the rules of time travel in your TV show, book or movie establish right away that messing with the past has no appreciable effect on the future — which is a rare approach — tinkering with events that more »

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A Legendary Finale

Legends of Tomorrow fans, you’re probably having a roller coaster of emotions right now. Why? The awesome first season of this exciting series has ended with the airing of “Legendary” (wah) … but it was one of the most exciting and emotionally deep episodes in its freshman run. Here to guide us through the highs more »

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The Legends Cut the Strings on the Time Masters

Only one more episode left! “Destiny” was the penultimate episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season One, and our band of heroic misfits received some pretty damning information—they haven’t been in control of their futures. On top of that revelation, this episode kicked it into high gear in terms of plotting, action, and twists. Speaking more »

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The Flash pulls the rug out from more optimistic Barry

In this week’s episode of The Flash, it was like a new Barry Allen had emerged after his close encounter of the semi-spiritual kind where we was transported to — and had a conversation with — the Speed Force. As The Flash After Show host Adam Kruger said, he was “walking on sunshine” (not exactly more »

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Rise of the #Malfred

How’s it going, fans!? The Big Bang Theory celebrated the end of its ninth season with “The Convergence Convergence.” Um, wait a second. Did I just say the show celebrated its ninth season? Damn, I feel ancient! The show is almost a decade old … and it’s still going strong! That’s a testament to not more »

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Where’s Jon Going?

His oath has been broken. Not that he hasn’t broken it before … I mean he’s never left, but he’s engaged in plenty of #hotpringsex. Anyways, “Oathbreaker” brought our Jon Snow back to us. He’s up, he’s walking around, Tormund Giantsbane’s making fun of his penis size—all that fun stuff. It’s great to see our more »

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Rip Goes Full Selfish

The latest DC’s Legends of Tomorrow episode—“River of Time”—was a very Vandal Savage-centric episode which gave the villain a great opportunity to show off his deliciously despicable nature and trade some quips with our protagonists. Our After Show hosts—Jack Hind, Tatiana Mariesa, and Rory Ross—take us through their favorite moments and some speculations on what more »

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The Flash: The Speed Force is Everything

Anyone who guessed that Barry Allen was sucked into the Speed Force during the disastrous attempt to recreate the accident that gave him super-speed in “Rupture,” please give yourself a pat on the back. It’s safe to say that anyone who is a fan of the Flash as a character is already familiar with the more »

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It’s All About Circles and Lines

What’s up, The Big Bang Theory fans!? As we race towards the season finale for the show, we see some more changes and character arcs for our gang. Our esteemed After Show hosts–Adam Kruger, Cherise Bangs, and Tia Robinson–with special guest Brian Thomas Smith (yep, good guy Zack from the show) expertly navigate us through more »

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Arrow Presents: The Worst Vacation Ever

Arrow Season 4 episode 20

Some crazy stuff was going down on this week’s new episode of Arrow. When Oliver Queen getting magic lessons and John Diggle’s wife Lyla rolling around in a heavily armored bunker on the back of a semi aren’t even the biggest “WTH?” moments of the night, you know some serious stuff is going down. The more »

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‘Rupture’ Leaves so Many Questions on The Flash

The Flash Season 2 episode 20

Now that’s more like it! After the loss of Barry Allen’s powers left the hosts on The Flash After Show bummed last week, they cheered up big time for “Rupture” even though that particular subplot didn’t get resolved, and in fact, may have even gotten worse. Confused? You aren’t if you watched the episode, but more »

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