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Agents of SHIELD: Meet Werner Von Strucker

Werner Von Strucker – Making Dad Proud In this weeks episode of Agents of SHIELD we had a couple huge bombs dropped on us Simmons was rescued, Fitz is the biggest bad ass on the team, and Ward recruited the son of Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker into the new and “improving” Hydra. For me this more »

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Hydra and Their Image Problem!

Tonight, Ward is back! Some people are excited, while others…*cough* Anastasia *cough* are not.  As you all know Brett Dalton plays Grant Ward and, well, he had a few things to say to Joe Quesada about the Hydra logo. Do you agree? Is it time for a change? Don’t forget to Stay tune for the more »

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Agents of SHIELD is Getting Some Damage Control

Agents of SHIELD is Getting Some Damage Control The Further Expanding MCU It was announced this week that Marvel and ABC had officially ordered a pilot for a comedy series based in the MCU. The series is based on the comic and group Damage Control. Damage Control is about a company that specializes in cleaning more »

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Agents of SHIELD Season 3: Secrets Revealed!

 Are you eagerly awaiting the start of season 3 of Agents of SHIELD?! Are you reading every article, interview, and set report to learn as much as you can about the upcoming season?! If this describes you, then I want to let you in on a little secret. I know a way to learn exactly more »

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