Agents of SHIELD is Getting Some Damage Control

Agents of SHIELD is Getting Some Damage Control
The Further Expanding MCU

damage-social_11 1443821823264It was announced this week that Marvel and ABC had officially ordered a pilot for a comedy series based in the MCU. The series is based on the comic and group Damage Control. Damage Control is about a company that specializes in cleaning up after super hero battles. Did Iron Man accidentally drops a car on your house? Call Damage Control. Did the Hulk toss a Chitauri leviathan through you office building? Call Damage Control. Since their first appearance in May of 1989 in the pages of Marvel Comics Presents #19, Damage Control has been peppered all through out Marvel Comics. With all the connections to major characters and events Damage Control could play a similar role in the MCU that it does in the comics.

The history of Damage Control is fascinating if you are not familiar with it. At one time the company was co-owned by Tony Stark and Wilson Fisk, a fact that Tony Stark did not like. Another major event that Damage Control played a key role in was the Stamford event which directly led to the Super Hero Civil War. The CEO of Damage Control at that time was providing MGH (Mutant Growth Hormones, think super powered steroids)  to villains in order to super charge them and cause more damage, thusly Damage Control would get more work. While it is highly doubtful that Kevin Feige and the other creatives at Marvel would go this route, the history of Damage Control with the upcoming Captain America film is interesting to know.

Ironman_6588It should also be noted that Damage Control has already been apart of the MCU. In an Easter Egg from the first Iron Man eagle eyed fans just might see Damage Control mentioned. In the scene where Tony Stark is being prepped by Coulson and Pepper for his press conference, the news ticker in the background lists Damage Control as offering to help with the clean up. While their role in the comics universe has often been dark, don’t expect that with this series. From all evidence, ABC and Marvel are looking to turn this into a more light hearted show. Whether it is light hearted, comedic, or a little dark for this nerd, the more MCU the better.

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