Agents of SHIELD Season 3: Secrets Revealed!

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5486b Are you eagerly awaiting the start of season 3 of Agents of SHIELD?! Are you reading every article, interview, and set report to learn as much as you can about the upcoming season?! If this describes you, then I want to let you in on a little secret. I know a way to learn exactly what will be happening in this season of Agents of SHIELD. The secret is this…Read the comics! All of the answers for what happens in the show can be found in the comics, if you know where to look.

Don’t believe me?  To prove my point, let’s look at Season 1. By now everyone knows the big reveal of the first season was Hydra hiding inside SHIELD and corrupting it. What you may not know is this was revealed in the comics long before the show was ever on the air. In Secret Warriors #1, Nick Fury reveals that HYDRA has been controlling SHIELD in the final moments of the issue. For the readers who took time to examine the charts and maps at the back of that issue they were treated to an in depth list of locations and teams that have been referenced or could be in the coming season.

SecretWarriors_01_CoverSo the question is: what should you be reading to prepare for Season 3? Considering what we have seen in the previous seasons of Agents of SHIELD and what we learned from Agent Carter, there are 2 series that demand a thorough reading: the 2008 Secret Warriors series and the 2014 Inhumans series. The Secret Warriors will give you a good idea of what might be happening with Ward and the rest of the HYDRA survivors. It is also the only place where we get any insight into Leviathan, the Russian version of HYDRA we saw in Agent Carter. This series also focuses heavily on Sky’s character ‘Quake’ and her mission of putting together a team; something we know she will be doing in Season 3.

The other series to read, 2014’s Inhumans, will give good insight notstr2_cn_0804_wow_Inhuman_B only into what Inhumans are but also how the world reacts to the epidemic of people undergoing uncontrolled terrigenesis. This series picks up right after events similar to those at the end of Season 2 (with the worldwide distribution of terrigenesis). Of course, in the comic it was in a cloud that spreads across the planet, and in the show it was spread by vitamins.  One character from this series that we know will be in the show is an Inhuman by the name of Lash, and based on his role in the comics you can bet he will be in a race with Sky to gather up new Inhumans.

There you have it!  The secrets to what will happen in Season 3 and beyond for Agents of SHIELD are at your fingertips just waiting to be revealed. Now go hit up your local comic store, Comixology, or Marvel’s Digital Unlimited and start prepping, because you don’t have much time before Season 3 begins on September 29th!


By Bryan Scheidle

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