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The Big Bang Theory + After Show = Chain Reaction

It’s only fitting that the title and headings of this latest article resemble formulas.  First of all, it’s nerdy.  And when it comes to The Big Bang Theory, you can never be too nerdy.  In the words of the great Anthony Anderson — star of the hit comedy Black-ish — after seeing his geeky TV more »

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The Gang Subtracts and Adds

As Adam, Brandee, and Cherise pointed out, this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory — “The Valentino Submergence” — dropped a huge bombshell on fans (hence the reason for the final word in the article’s title).  And I promise you that we’ll get to that later because that type of change always shifts the more »

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Claire May Not Be a Love Interest

Wow, what a great episode!  In the “The Meemaw Materialization” episode of The Big Bang Theory, we finally met Sheldon’s grandmother.  However, that’s not the biggest thing our hosts Adam, Cherise, and Tia were talking about.  That’s right, we were introduced to budding screenwriter Claire.  Who is she?  What are her motives?  Will she be more »

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The Big Bang Theory After Show “Nerd Word” Supercilious

Each week our host will take a ‘Nerd Word’ from the show and will try to dissect it and use it in a sentence. Today’s word of the day is “Supercilious.” The Big Bang Theory After Show is where you will be joined by host Lexi Ciccone, Tia Robinson, and Adam Kruger. They will discuss, review, more »

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