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We Finally Saw the Vampire School Children…But Now What?

  Thank goodness last week answered the question many AHS fans have been asking: What the heck happened to those vampire school children?! Turns out they’ve been wrecking havoc on their loved ones (and a pizza guy).  Alex finds them drenched in blood and they explain to her that no one is looking for them more »

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Who Will Take Down The Countess?

The Countess has made quite the impression on all the inhabitants of the Hotel Cortez…and mostly it’s not good.  While Lady Gaga is fabulous in this role and has us captivated, she’s pissed off too many people and this week in the previews some of her past sins are coming to haunt her.   Ramona more »

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Have We Seen The End Of Tristan?

A few weeks ago, The Countess shocked fans by slitting the throat of Tristan, her lover who fell in love with Liz Taylor…BUT is that really the end of him? Knowing American Horror Story, most characters who die, do not stay dead.  My initial thought was since he died in the hotel he would become more »

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