We Finally Saw the Vampire School Children…But Now What?

AHS School


Thank goodness last week answered the question many AHS fans have been asking: What the heck happened to those vampire school children?!

Turns out they’ve been wrecking havoc on their loved ones (and a pizza guy).  Alex finds them drenched in blood and they explain to her that no one is looking for them because they killed all their parents.  Makes sense.  Kind of.  But what about the parents?  Are there no family members from out of town looking for them?  What about their work places? 

Alex tries to convince them to go to the Hotel Cortez with her and she thinks the Countess can help them.  Umm yeah right!  The Countess doesn’t like it when others pass on the virus – that’s her job.   Something tells me The Countess may help…by killing them all (or at the very least Alex). 

And can we talk about the measles these children still have…thanks for that kid.  Madeline is probably the most adorable of the kids, you can tell she doesn’t want to kill anyone, but she also needs the pain to go away.  And the one kid in the beanie is a jerk.  There I said it.  There’s always one in the bunch getting the others riled up. 

So the kids decided to leave Alex, but to go where?  And how much more blood will be shed before the end?

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