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VxG Qualifiers: EG.Floe vs. AGE.Sabre, EG.Floe vs. BT.Clockw0rk (#314)

The Cross Counter Video X Games Qualifier Tournament Series is running the semi-final rounds tonight! EG.Floe has been unstoppable during the qualifiers and tonight he will be pulling double duty! In Street Fighter X Tekken, Floe must face AGE.Sabre before continuing on to face BT.Clockw0rk in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Wins tonight sends the more »

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The Video X Games Qualifiers – Week 2 (#308)

Seriously! Let’s go to da beach! Cross Counter LIVE continues with PART 2 of the Video X Games qualifiers. This is your last chance to enter the Cross Counter VxG qualifers, where the top 4 players from SFxT and UMvC3 will be put into an 8-man bracket alongside last week’s top 4! The tournament is more »

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The Video X Games Qualifiers – Week 1 (#307)

Let’s go to da beach! Cross Counter LIVE is back and will play the host for the latest Video X Games qualifiers. Earlier tonight, the Cross Counter VxG qualifers were held inside the studio and we will be streaming the semi-finals and finals matches! The winner of each tournament will earn a full paid trip more »

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SL | Antman vs. LXG | Infrit; zUkUu disusses SFxT glitches (#306)

The Los Angeles area once again takes over Cross Counter studios as casuals are once again held at Cross Counter LIVE. The episode starts off with a quick recap from Gootecks of what’s going on in the Fighting Game Community, mentioning KGB 2013, the first international Road to Evo event; and Winter Brawl 7, the more »

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Aris Discusses the Tekken Community (#305)

A week after talking about Skullgirls, Cross Counter LIVE shifts scenes with a rundown of the Tekken community. Tonight, Gootecks sits down with Aris from Avoiding the Puddle to talk about the current state of the support (or lack of thereof) that Tekken has been receiving. Tonight’s Guest: Aris (Aris Bakhtanians) Aris more »

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Mike Z, Lead Designer of Skullgirls (#304)

We’re a month into 2013, and it has already been an eventful year for Skullgirls. In a bid to become the eighth game at Evolution 2013, Skullgirls took second place to Super Smash Bros Melee. However, the Evo staff took notice of the Skullgirls community’s efforts, and has annouced that it will be supporting the more »

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