Mike Z, Lead Designer of Skullgirls (#304)

We’re a month into 2013, and it has already been an eventful year for Skullgirls.

In a bid to become the eighth game at Evolution 2013, Skullgirls took second place to Super Smash Bros Melee. However, the Evo staff took notice of the Skullgirls community’s efforts, and has annouced that it will be supporting the game with a devoted setup, streams and an additional $1000 to the pot.

On top of a successful donation drive, a new DLC character has been announced for the game: Squigly. Though the character is currently a work in progress, she will be a welcome addition to the games devoted fan-base.

Tonight’s guest:

Mike Z (Mike Zaimont)
Lead Designer, Skullgirls

Former competitor turned game designer Mike Z is in the Cross Counter studios today. With the whirlwind of activity surrounding the game as of late, there will surely be much to discuss as he sits down with Gootecks.

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