Win an Xbox 360 Slim with Kinect Every Month!

If you’re not familiar with, we tape all of our content live and broadcast it to a chat room audience. Each weeknight you can go to and interact with us while we shoot. During these shows you’ll have opportunities to win “tokens” that enter you into the grand prize drawing at the end of each month. You can even win multiple tokens to increase your chances of winning.

This month’s grand prize is an Xbox 360 Slim with Kinect. The lotto any given month is held the first Friday of the following month.

Congrats to @BRAKTHEMAN on Twitter for winning the June 2011 grand prize. Here’s how you can be the next winner.

Watch Monday nights at 11pm Eastern (8pm Pacific) and guess what our celebrity guest draws to win tokens during the show.

Watch Tuesday nights at 11pm Eastern (8pm Pacific) and submit the best “Photo-Chop-Shop” image to be awarded a token. Ethan, the show’s host, will post an image at the beginning of each show for you to manipulate for our entertainment. We go over the images at the end of the show and pick a winner!

Watch Wednesday nights at 11pm Eastern (8pm Pacific) and ask the best question to our special guest for that evening. We’ll go over the questions you asked at the end of the show and pick the question that yielded the most interesting answer from the guest.

Each episode host Nikole Z creates The Z List, which lists five things based on her topic of choice that week. We list the items in no particular order at Just email with your guess on what the #1 item is. Anyone that guesses the #1 item before the segment begins is awarded a token!

Here’s the catch … YOU’VE GOTTA BE WATCHING LIVE TO WIN! Sorry, but we’ve done it in the past without this stipulation and it’s been a real downer for the hardcore fans that salivate over the chance to win their prize. So call your Uncle Andy or wake up the guy that’s been sleeping on your couch to watch and claim your prize.

The next Xbox 360 drawing is FRIDAY, AUGUST 5TH, 2011 AT 11PM EASTERN / 8PM PACIFIC!


  1. SvenVolfeid on July 13, 2011 at 5:48 am

    Is this only available to people inside America, or can people from other places like New Zealand enter aswel?

    • Brian on July 14, 2011 at 12:52 am

      U.S. Resident only to get the XBox, but I’m open to suggestions for gift cards or other options that we could send to other countries if a non-us resident wins.

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