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DeStorm Power Runs Like a Ginger

Congratulations to DeStorm Power for his recent New Media Honoree Award at the 2011 American Music Awards. Watch his recent appearance on The Real Cool Club.

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Psychic Dog Tells Future of Power Hour

LIVE INTERACTIVE SHOWS every TUESDAY at 8PM PST What to do when there is no guest on the real cool club? Power hour of course. Even better AUDIENCE CHOICE POWER HOUR. We lay out different items and let the audience choose what we consume every minute for a full hour. And oh boy it gets more »

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Sean Becker AKA The Vajazzler

Click to Sub: LIVE INTERACTIVE SHOWS every TUESDAY at 8PM PST Sean Becker ( director of EVERYTHING on the internet, well maybe not everything, but at least The Guild, The Jeff Lewis 5 minute Comedy Hour, Team Unicorn Videos and many more. Sean also talks about the 2nd season of the Jeff Lewis 5 more »

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