TVD Theories!


TVD Theories

So much going on in Mystic Falls, per usual, and so much of it is UNKNOWN. I’ve seen some amazing fan theories this week! Anything from the return of Tyler to the true status of #Bamon. Take a look at what TVD superfans are saying.

 –  what if its Sarah Salvatore after them?

Meg: So True! What ever happened to Sarah Salvatore!?

 – Can Bonnie be the Hunter?! – Just think about it for a second. Bonnie passed out after she stopped Matt’s…

Meg: QueenB I never even thought of this! You are on it!

 – I just assumed that they were showing that Tyler is Caroline’s fiancé in the future.
Meg: Ahhh yes this could be true.. but sad face for #Steroline
Bonnie keeps having those visions. What if she becomes the killer 3 years from now with the Xs . . because in the future scenes they don’t show her.
Meg: OMG could you imagine!? I would love to see an evil badass Bonnie!
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-Meghan Lamontagne

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