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Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Milton on THE COLLECTION – Inside Horror

Elric Kane and Staci Layne Wilson welcome Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, winners of the 2005 Project Greenlight competition, for a fascinating chat about their latest horror adventure, THE COLLECTION, the follow-up to their 2009 film, THE COLLECTOR. Dunstan and Melton prove their evil genius by exposing their absolutely flawless process behind creating the franchise’s more »

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Inside Horror Explores Horror Art with Excision’s Richard Bates Jr.

Hello all! Stacy Buchanan here with a recap on last night’s episode of  Inside Horror. This week was a fascinating exploration into the world of art horror. Elric Kane and Staci Layne Wilson welcomed special guest Richard Bates Jr., director behind this years coming-of-age horror film, Excision. Excision is dark comedy/art horror exploration into the more »

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JAWS, Carl Gottlieb & Terror at Sea!

Be sure to tune in to INSIDE HORROR this week as hosts Elric Kane and Staci Layne Wilson welcome American screenwriter Carl Gottlieb, the mastermind behind JAWS, JAWS II and JAWS III.  They’ll dive in with questions about how he got involved with film, his book JAWS LOG, an expose on the notoriously difficult production of more »

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