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Bryan Whitaker

Guest: Bryan Whitaker Crew Position: Visual Effects Supervisor/ CGI Company: Majikmaker Effects Website: Tonight’s show featured our first guest, Bryan Whitaker, who specializes in CGI (computer generated images) as well as visual effects. He talked about the time, cost, preparation, and work involved in creating effects in such movies as The Matrix Revolution, and more »

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Gerry Santos & Randy Bookman

Guests: Gerry Santos & Randolph Bookman Project: Forced Alliance: The Star Wars saga continues My executive producer, Brian Gramo warned me these guys were kind of like Frick and Frack (Does anyone know if there was ever an actual Frick and Frack?); and, he was right. I think I’d have an easier time separating Siamese more »

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Rich Knight & Lisa Hammer

Guests: Lisa Hammer & Rich Knight Project: Pox (Horror) Separate Topic: Horror effects make-up Tonight’s show was interesting indeed. First we had writer director Lisa Hammer, who views her work as being kind of family oriented/ cheery fairy tale like. I can’t seem to recall ever seeing a Disney Film where heads are being chopped more »

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