Bryan Whitaker

Guest: Bryan Whitaker

Crew Position: Visual Effects Supervisor/ CGI

Company: Majikmaker Effects


Tonight’s show featured our first guest, Bryan Whitaker, who specializes in CGI (computer generated images) as well as visual effects. He talked about the time, cost, preparation, and work involved in creating effects in such movies as The Matrix Revolution, and Star Trek Nemesis. Further, he broke down some effects terminology, and explained the use of green screen, blue screen, why you’d use one over the over and why you might use a black or orange screen! He talked through clips that include digital extensions and composing a composite, (where you take one image and marry it to a separate image.) If it sounds confusing check out the episode to learn more! One of our favorite viewers, Jen Jen Reynolds sent in an instant message at the end of the show saying it was like a great film class.

A quick note about blue/green screen. They do not have to be expensive. An indie filmmaker can ‘get away’ with using a solid plain colored sheet as long as you don’t have the same color in your subjects clothing or hair. Or you can purchase an inexpensive screen at Photoflex.

Also, if you’re a student or know someone who is, you may have access to great discounts when it comes to computer hard or software. Check out apple’s website if you think this might apply to you. Here is website that looks to offer discounts for students for apple and pc, but as always do your own research.

Next weeks guest is composer Kurt Oldman. I cannot covey the importance of what good music add to a movie. This should be a great show!

Thanks for tuning in! Let me know what you think!

Jeff Schubert

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