Gerry Santos & Randy Bookman

Guests: Gerry Santos & Randolph Bookman

Project: Forced Alliance: The Star Wars saga continues

My executive producer, Brian Gramo warned me these guys were kind of like Frick and Frack (Does anyone know if there was ever an actual Frick and Frack?); and, he was right. I think I’d have an easier time separating Siamese twins then these two. Randy and Gerry have great energy! It shows in their enthusiasm for their work and for feeding people and crew well! Their website is . From a filmmaking perspective one of the interesting points Gerry made during the show was the importance of having good lenses for your camera when making a film. They used a state of the art $250,000 HD camera (same one they used on Star Wars), but emphasized you will not get a film look without the right lens. Over the years I have heard people debate all the time between mini dv cameras: Panasonic, Canon, Sony, they all have their devotees. And more recently, hdv cameras, and which is the better to use. Of course there are pros and cons to each but to paraphrase a political quote, “It’s the lenses stupid”… I’ve seen “bad” cameras produce a good film look; and, I’ve seen top of the line digital cameras produce, well, digital looks. Of course there are specific concerns for specific projects these are just my general thoughts.

On a personal note, I goofed during the show and in one instance refer to my guest’s short as ‘Force Within’ instead of ‘Forced Alliance’. ‘Force Within’ is the name of a song I wrote that has a little bit of a Star Wars theme to it; and, I guess I mixed them up! If you want to here ‘Force Within’, it’s on my myspace page.

Thanks for tuning in. I’ll see you soon.

Jeff Schubert

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