“Star City 2046” Brings out Some “Legendary” Information About Our Hosts

Legends_Of_Tomorrow_Star_City_2046_Team_Ending_ShotIn their usual hilarious off-beat style, our Legends of Tomorrow After Show hosts — Jack Hind, Jon Lee Brody, and Tatiana Mariesa — revealed some things about themselves to the world:

  • Jack doesn’t just like Rip Hunter.  He wants to be Rip Hunter.  Or how he says it, “Rip Huntah!”
  • Jon orders food at McDonald’s in Leonard Snart’s voice.
  • Tatiana has a secret girl-crush on Sara Lance.

How did these tidbits of information come about?  You’ll just have to read on and find out, as our hosts take us on a run-through of the highly anticipated episode “Star City 2046” …

Was Diggle Diggling Around?

Legends_Of_Tomorrow_Star_City_2046_Connor_HawkeThe biggest question for “Star City 2046” dealt with the identity of the archer wearing the Green Arrow uniform.  Who is that?  Is that Connor Hawke!?  Great Caesar’s ghost, it is Connor Hawke!  However, it was later revealed that this Green Arrow imposter (maybe “imposter” is too strong of a word) was actually John Diggle’s son, John Diggle, Jr., and he named himself “Connor Hawke” to disassociate himself from his father.  Jon and Tatiana already speculated that in their heads, but we found out that Jack was oblivious to it.  Jack, don’t feel bad.  Him being John Diggle’s son also didn’t occur to me.  And this is where Jon totally called me out.  With the statement of “people always overlook John Diggle”, his judgmental eyes pierced right through my computer monitor and onto my shameful face.

Tatiana cut right to the chase.  Because John Diggle, Sr. already had a daughter, Sara Diggle, she asked, “Did Diggle cheat on Lyla?”  Damn Tatiana, why you gotta go there, girl!?  Why always assume the worst?  Why you gotta talk bad ’bout Spartan?  John Diggle is the most loyal friend, brother, father, and husband.  He’s a straight-shooter and never compromises on integrity.  Look, I know his helmet’s a little dorky, and he doesn’t have the best costume out of all the members of Team Arrow, but cut the guy some slack.  Jon, though, comes in and saves the rep of my man Digs!  A great theory posed by Jon is that Lyla may have been killed.  The evidence?  Lyla is now the head of Argus, and it can be assumed that her missions aren’t a stroll through the park.  She may have been killed in action.  Sounds good to me.  Connor Hawke also looks young enough to be in his twenties.  Since it’s 2046, he was most likely born in 2020, making him the younger brother of Sara Diggle.

SIDE-NOTE: Jon emailed me the day after the show and proposed a very compelling Easter egg dealing with the episode’s apocalyptic event trigger “The Uprising” and Connor Hawke.  He writes:

“The Uprising” may be a nod to the Green Lantern Corps.  There is a comic series called Green Lantern: Uprising where the Corps were defending themselves against a hostile alien species out to destroy them.  In the comics, Connor Hawke is also friends with Kyle Rayner — a future Green Lantern.  Another thing to note is that in the show, the flashlights shined green.  And another term for “flashlight” would be “lantern.”

However, there’s still that big question as to why John Diggle, Jr. would use the name “Connor Hawke.”  The comics version of Connor Hawke is a character of African-American/Korean/Caucasian descent with his parents being Oliver Queen and Sandra Moonday Hawke, who’s half-Korean and half-Black.

Should There Be a #Riara or a #Sip?

Note to self: I do not have a future career at Yahoo! Celebrity News (perhaps a good thing).  Leave the portmanteau-type naming of celebrity couples to the experts.

Yes, the title was my embarrassing attempt at seeing what a coupling between Rip and Sara would look like because Jack, Jon, and Tatiana played with that idea.  Tatiana, would like it to happen, but knows that it won’t happen.  Jon thinks that their current relationship is compelling enough, being that of a “work-wife / work-husband” professional one.  Jack, on the other hand, wants it to happen.  Why?  Because Rip and Jack share similar qualities — being British, suave, and the most important thing of all … owning a brown trenchcoat.  In Jack’s eyes, if Rip gets together with Sara, then that means he’s with her too.  So, long live #Jara! … er … #Sack!  Okay, I really have to stop doing this.

In this realm, I one-hundred percent side with Jon.  I think it’ll be too cliched to have Sara and Rip form a romantic relationship.  A sort of mentor/student or brother/sister type relationship would be much better.  The two display the best chemistry when they duel on morals and the philosophies of teamwork.

A Love Triangle Where Ray Is the Obtuse Angle

Since we’re on the subject of couples and relationships, let’s talk about Jax, Ray, and Kendra.  First off, I’m wholeheartedly agreeing with Tatiana … What the hell were these two dudes thinking!?  Kendra’s “destiny” just died violently, and Jax and Ray are already scavenging.  Give it some time.  Seriously, Carter’s body isn’t even cold yet.

Ray though, really proved that he might be more Rain Man than genius.  It took him a while to even see that his and Kendra’s conversation seemed flirtatious.  On the positive end, at least Martin and Jax finally had a common goal, albeit something that was a little inappropriate, but we’ll take what we can get.  The two are finally not at each others’ throats.  As old as Martin is, Jax went to him for advice on women.  Then again, Martin himself was quite the ladies’ man in his day — which was shown when they traveled to 1975 and saw a younger Martin hitting on Sara.  Tatiana interjected and said that if it was her, she’d probably try her chances with Sara too … I mean, who wouldn’t!?

Rip to Sara: Time Will Fix It

Legends_Of_Tomorrow_Star_City_2046_SaraAnd the big morality lesson of the day comes from the Rip and Sara Show.  When Sara wanted to go back and rescue Connor Hawke, Rip lectured her on top of his moral high-horse and told her that she was selfish.  Jon raises many good points about this scene.  First, Rip is a hypocrite.  The whole point of his mission was to save his wife and child, not really the world.  Second, would it have been more responsible for Sara to just go with the flow and know that the apocalyptic 2046 will not come to be if they fixed the timeline in the past?  And the most compelling question of the day: Would Rip have even gone on this mission had Vandal Savage not murdered his wife and son?  All good points, Jon!

Personally, I started to roll my eyes when Rip started to tear into Sara (yeah, I know what I did there, and, unlike my usual self, that pun was not intended).  Although, Tatiana thought the conversation needed to happen.  My problem is: How many times is Rip going to repeat himself and put “saving the world” over their heads when members of his team want to do the right thing and deviate from the mission?  I think Rip needs a slightly newer game plan in terms of motivating his team.

Leonard and Mick: A Bromance in Danger

Legends_Of_Tomorrow_Star_City_2046_Leonard_SnartMick felt right at home in this episode.  We had marauding gangs, criminals running the city, free booze, and loose women.  However, Leonard was growing more and more uncomfortable with the situation — he wanted to get back to the mission and save his “friends.”  Yes, Captain Cold actually referred to the Legends as his “friends.”  It didn’t just surprise Mick, but surprised me also.  Like Jon, I think Leonard is a fascinating character.  I’m really loving his arc.  Jon takes it a bit further though.  He likes the guy so much that he orders his food at McDonald’s as Leonard.  After Show fans, watch this week’s After Show so you can get a taste of Jon’s impression.  If they ever need a Captain Cold voice actor in a Legends of Tomorrow animated series, the studio has their man in Jon!

As our hosts also pointed out, Leonard and Mick now have a very different path.  Mick is having a hard time letting go of his criminal past, and Leonard is really on the fast track to heroism.  What will transpire from this?  I really don’t know what, but it’s safe to say that it’ll be very interesting and awesome to see the continued friction.

A great speculative question posed by Tatiana: Maybe Leonard could end up being the leader of the Legends?


Legends_Of_Tomorrow_Star_City_2046_Oliver_Faces_Off_With_DeathstrokeSee what I did there?  Jack, Jon, and Tatiana also found Slade Wilson’s son, Grant, to be somewhat of a letdown.  Inspired by the words of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, “Grant, you’re only quasi-deadly … the Diet Coke of deadly …”  Whenever Grant appeared, it reminded of those scenes where a rich trust fund baby whined about how his Daddy is a powerful man.  I think “Star City 2046” could’ve done a much better job with this character.

This was another fun, “Rip”-roaring Legends of Tomorrow After Show!  What did you think of our highlights about the episode?  Jack, Jon, Tatiana, and I want to hear your thoughts.  So sound off in the comments!

You can also read my written recap of “Star City 2046” at Bam Smack Pow.


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