Magic Numbers

Jim Festante, Nikole Zivalich and David Guida get into the spirit of Final Fantasy XIII. They employ live “Paradigm Shifts” to shape the conversation. Don’t miss Combo, Debate of the Week, Top 7, and, unfortunately, What’s in Your Box?

00:00 – Revision3 Friend Request After weeks of speculation, the big news is revealed.

01:56 – Combo – Quick Hits of News A Final Fantasy VII Remake (for real this time)? Long-overdue Xbox360 USB support added. Sniper Spy Party detailed. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World serves up some win. GameCrush pay-to-play (with girls) site. Pirates of Japanese erotic novel, Cross Days, publicly punished.

08:51 – Community Check-In A welcome message of sorts to our new audience.

09:23 – Debate of the Week Nintendo announces the 3DS console. It’s 3D. It’s a DS. We don’t really know much else. Or do we?

10:56 – What’s In Your Box? The gang judges a new collection of bargain bin games by their cover.

14:06 – Game of the Week: Final Fantasy XIII The Japanese RPG, Final Fantasy XIII, is explored. Is this game mocking us with linearity or merely streamlining the gameplay experience? The crew activates “Paradigm Shifts,” swapping each other’s hostly duties and personas, to control the course of the conversation.

24:39 – Top 7: Sexually Ambiguous Characters Nikole’s latest Top 7 list looks close (but not too close) at characters that will make you go “No Wai! That’s a guy!?!”

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