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UMvC3 : Paradigm vs. 1ATK | LXG.Helix

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Paradigm vs. 1ATK | LXG Helix Paradigm has wins over both the unstoppable EG.Floe and Link. But now, he must go up against Helix, whose Morrigan has already claimed Genesis. Match preview: Commentary : Genesis & Rynge

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SFxT : Hugo101 vs. Futile

Street Fighter x Tekken (2013) Hugo101 vs. Futile After a dominating 5-1 win over PRO7OTYPE, Hugo101 will go up against Futile, who came off a strong showing of his own in the form of a 5-1 victory over Vicious. Match Preview : Commentary : Gootecks & Tasty Steve

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Magic Numbers

Jim Festante, Nikole Zivalich and David Guida get into the spirit of Final Fantasy XIII. They employ live “Paradigm Shifts” to shape the conversation. Don’t miss Combo, Debate of the Week, Top 7, and, unfortunately, What’s in Your Box? 00:00 – Revision3 Friend Request After weeks of speculation, the big news is revealed. 01:56 – more »

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