This last episode of The Walking Dead yet again failed to address what happened to Glenn. I know many of you including myself and my amazing panel which included an awesome special gets this week, James McCune from season 2, are frustrated even and angry that the writers have kept us in limbo for this long. However we did get to see a bit of what his other half, Maggie, is going through. The episode shed light on the battle that is taking place in Maggie’s mind. All of the questions she is facing. Where is Glenn? Is he dead? Is he alive? Should she go find him? Would he want her to go after him? The turmoil she faces in this episode just proves how amazing the writing of this show is.

Now my theory is that the reason there hasn’t been a conclusion to Glenn’s situation, is that the writers want us to feel exactly how Maggie is feeling. Frustrated, worried, angry, impatient. We are in the same position Maggie is and I feel like this is exactly what the writers want. To build up this suspense so that if Glenn is (God forbid) dead, then it will hit us that much harder and if he is alive, then we will be that much more excited to see him alive. And adding in the fact that Maggie is now pregnant, only adds suspense and importance to the question “what happened to Glenn?”

We completely understand you guys, this limbo is not enjoyable, but I feel like in the end, it will be resolved in a way that makes us satisfied and feel as if it was worth the wait. They won’t let us down. I have faith that they know what they are doing. It’s only a few more episodes until the mid season finale and I’m sure they will resolve it by then.

Our guest, James McCune, shared his thoughts on Glenn and Maggie’s predicament and we want to hear yours. Be sure to check out our show The Walking Dead After Show on Monday nights at 8:15pm PST.

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