Cross Counter LIVE returns | Alex Valle and Rolando Brison (#301)

After six months, Cross Counter LIVE sponsored by Video X Games is back in front of a live studio audience!

Tonight’s show started off with SoCal’s resident jackass Alexander Sanchez (@AlexSA2)holding it down as chat host as gootecks did a quick recap of APEX 2013 before going into a recap of 2012 the only way he knew how: a top 10 list of the greatest memes in the FGC. We then showcased a segment featuring [FGC Weekliarity]’s Will Wily (@WillyGrif) venturing off into the beaches of Florida and studying just how much the everyday man knows about the e-sports and the FGC.

Tonight’s guests:

Rolando Brison – Video X Games

VxG Vice President Rolando Brison drops by to tell the FGC that Video X Games is the our vacation destination. Brison enlightens us with details about upcoming qualifiers for the St. Maartan tournament. We also have Video X Games to thank for the return of Cross Counter LIVE as they have agreed to sponsor the show throughout the new season.

Alex Valle – Level|Up

Level|Up President and Street Fighter legend Alex Valle sits down with gootecks to tell us what we can expect from Level|Up as it enters its fourth year. Valle announces details about Southern California Regionals 2013 and plans for a new live show on Level|Up. He also discusses his thoughts on getting better and how the environment in the FGC has evolved since the days of arcades.

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