’s Adam Tod Brown on TMI Live!

TMI Live, the only live sketch show on the internet, based on the biggest celebrity and pop culture stories of the week presents Season One, Episode Four. This week’s TMI Live is hosted Adam Tod Brown, writer, and editor at as well as host of the Unpopular Opinion podcast.

Tonight’s Cast is Sara Berger, Steve Brewster, Jason Gianvecchio, Ray Hebel, Kate Huffman, Michael Klimkowski, Dah-uh Morrow, Nikki Paige, Eric Ramos, Shelley Regner from Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, Caroline Sweet and Madylin Sweeten from Everybody Love Raymond.

Tonight’s Show was directed by Tim McGeary and written by Peter Aiello, Tim McGeary, Philip Moon, Joe Neuburger and Elizabeth Stanton.

Tonight’s Sketches:

BIRTHDAY – Kylie Jenner is ready to Keep Up with the rest of the Kardashians, now that she’s turned 18. Momager Kris Jenner has a special gift in mind for her, with help from boyfriend Tyga.

DRE DAY – Dr. Dre has a new album releasing alongside his movie Straight Outta Compton, and stopped by UCLA’s college radio station to teach the kids about Eminem, N.W.A., and that he’s more than just a headphone wearing billionaire.

BIOPIC – TMI Live has your first look at Ronda Rousey’s bio pic, starring the MMA champion as herself!

WEARABLE – The latest breakthrough in fertility is here, and you can wear it to know when you’re ready whenever you’re ready to make a baby. Just make sure you’ve found the right partner.

LOWEST PAID – Robert Downey Jr. has just been named the highest paid actor in Hollywood, but have you ever met the lowest paid actor in Hollywood? TMI Live has behind the scenes footage of the man at work, stealing bagels.

HONESTLY – Jessica Alba’s Honest Company has come under fire for its ineffective sunscreen. TMI Live has a one of the plantiffs against Jessica Alba at her court deposition.

C – Lena Dunham was rescued at sea by pro surfer Laird Hamilton during a charity event in the Hamptons, and this dramatic story is now a moving drama about hope, the will to survive, and, of course, Lena Dunham.

PRETTY BIG LIARS – The next step in the mystery of A, ABC Family’s new hit drama, Pretty Big Liars, picks up where Pretty Little Liars leaves off. But who can tell the truth?

INTERVENTION – When Lenny Kravitz split his pants on stage and Little Lenny popped out, Gene Simmons, Ringo Starr and Cher decided it was time to help Lenny out for his next performance.

TWO ACTRESSES – The next CBS hit sitcom is coming to TV this fall, if you like Two Broke Girls, you’ll love Two Broke Actresses! Watch as they search for work, love and sushi in Los Angeles!

Our Videos:

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REDDIT – Directed by Garrett Mendez. Written by Philip Moon

Every Sunday night, TMI presents an all-new hour of sketch comedy, commentary and music, based on the stories of the week in entertainment, celebrity and pop culture. Each week, a celebrity guest joins our cast to “host” the show and take part in the fun. Nothing is off limits. Nothing is too silly or trivial. Nothing is too controversial. Every time Beiber opens his mouth, Miley opens her Instagram or Kim Kardashian opens her… well, you know, TMI is there, with its own unique and hilarious take on the story.

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