EVO, SRK, Controversies and the Final Stand

Tonight began with a quick recap of the recent happenings at EVO and the Vegas vacation the guys took in conjunction with the tournament, before moving into the action.

In this exciting episode shots were fired at gatekeepers and rafflers. These two controvertial topics were discussed by the round table of guests we had on tonight: Combofiend, Marn, Flo and Killer Kai. The raffle controversy started by Tom Cannon from EVO/SRK sparked a discussion that went to twitter. The group discusses the legality on raffling and if it is accpetable in the FGC.

Continuing the ever controversial topics in the FGC, Marn raises questions about the legality of gatekeeping in international qualifying tournaments. On Saturday during the SBO qualifying tournament Marn ran into such a problem with Infrit, a local player, and felt that his chances were reduced by such actions. The guys then get into a heated discussion and take sides on gatekeeping – the result of which was enough to bait Eliver “Killer Kai” Ling and Marn to take it out in an incredible UMvC 3 first to 5 match.


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