Mannequins have feelings too! Except for that they don’t…

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Twitter is going wild over goth looking River Island teenage mannequins placed throughout their stores.
The shop dummies look incredibly unhappy, leaving social media users to become the modern day peanut gallery.
A common conclusion from all those speculating is that the problem has nothing to do with their appearance and particularly heavy use of eye liner – they’re just as pale and thin as usual – but rather their unusual poses.
The display dolls are tucked up in a fetal position looking extremely anxious and lacking any emotion.
One twitter user tweeted ““The River Island mannequins look like they’re hungover in the shower thinking about their life choices. You OK hun?”
But at least one Twitter user likes them – Hannah Mamalis tweeted: “Love the new mannequins having an existential crisis in River Island.”
You can’t make everyone happy!!!!

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