Aug 2nd – Audience Choice POWER HOUR – The Real Cool Club

You’ve been waiting to find out what all this P.H. stuff was about and here you go.

Well boys and girls you heard it here first. Or maybe you heard it on twitter first. Or maybe you heard it on facebook first. Well one way or another you heard it, or you just may be deaf (we like the deaf!), but we have something to tell you.

YOU. Yes YOU. We mean YOU. Get to decide live on Tuesday’s show on August 2nd what we will be consuming during the Power Hour.

If you live under a rock and have no idea what the POWER HOUR is, then it goes like this, every minute for 60 whole minutes. Each of us will consume something every minute. Sometimes it a shot of beer every 60 seconds. Sometimes it’s a chicken nugget (See The Game Show episode). Sometimes it’s things we don’t want to even talk about.

Make sure to tune in and see what happens. We’ll show you some items and then we’ll ask you to decide which ones of them we’ll have to endure 60 times for the BEST POWER HOUR EVER!! Tell your friends. Tell your dog. Tell the paramedics. Please tell the paramedics.

And don’t forget to get your PhotoChop Shops in see this post for more details. You could win an xbox 360 and/or some sweet gear from

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