Who Is The Ten Commandments Killer?


Alright guys, there’s some pretty wild theories flying around the interwebs right now on who the 10 Commandments Killer is, and I think it’s time we laid them out. Here are three theories that I think could be amazing twists to this story:

  1. Liz Taylor’s son. Right before Liz walked out on his little family in Topeka, Kansas in 1984, we see a pretty sad scene of his son showing him a drawing of a plane he did for him – which he rudely dismisses. The question is: if your dad didn’t like your drawing and then bailed to LA for a new life as a transgender bartender, would feel compelled to kill multiple people in absolutely bizarre ways years later? Exactly.
  2. Will Drake. People have been talking about Will Drake a lot this week in that we really don’t know much about his back story, and he really hasn’t been too relevant at all during these past 7 episodes. He’s been pretty much flying under the radar and that can only mean one thing – he’s a twisted psychopathic murderer. Right? Another pretty solid fact is that the murders did start happening when he entered the story line.
  3. Will Drake IS Liz Taylor’s son! Ok getting crazy here, but theorist aren’t wrong that he is roughly around the age that Liz Taylor’s son would be in this present day. Could he have bought the Cortez (despite knowing about a lot of the weird things that go on there) in an attempt to confront his dadio? ¬†Who knows, but what I do know is that if this killer turns out to actually be John Lowe, it would be pretty laaaaaame.

Alright guys, that’s that the facts on this one, let me know your theories by tweeting me @XavierBrinkman.


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