White Walkers and Dragonglass on Weapons of Westeros

In the time before the First Men came to Westeros the indigenous population called, The Children of the Forest used to gather
Dragonglass and fashion small daggers to protect themselves from their natural enemy, The Others, also known as White Walkers…
The material seems to be the only thing that can defeat a Walker, rendering it a puddle of icy sludge. It can also be used as arrow
heads because of its extreme sharpness. It is, however, far too brittle to be used in large weapons.
Sam Tarly found a Dragonglass Dagger among the belongings of a camp of First Men. Legend says that The Children of the Forest
gave The First Men Dragonglass in or to defend themselves. Sam does just that and manages to render a White Walker inert. Besides
getting it from the Children of the Forest you can also find natural deposits in Dragonstone and Asshai.
Based on its description as a volcanic black, shiny material, Martin leads us to believe that Dragonglass is actually Obsidian, which has
been used by various Earth cultures for weaponry and defense and can be found near any volcanic site… I guess its not as rare and
magical as we thought…

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