TONIGHT: Director Ti West “The House of the Devil” and “Paranormal Activity’s” Ashley Palmer!

So it’s the bloody time of the year again, the season to dust off the old VHS copy of Halloween and buy lots of candy corn so the evil kids in the neighborhood don’t toilet paper your house. Likewise for us at Live! From the Future… the upcoming spook holiday means one thing – horror horror HORROR and plenty of it. For our guest is (cue minor-chord Gothic pipe organ) a rising star of everyone’s favorite blood-stained genre, film director Ti West.

Ti West

Ti’s most recent effort is the upcoming The House of the Devil, a 1980s-style (and set) slasher pic that has been receiving positive notices from the horror cognoscenti as an intelligent, well-paced shocker. Not yet 30 years old, Ti already has several film credits as a director, and is currently busy with his next project, The Haunting in Georgia.

Also, Ashley Palmer from Paramount Studios’ hit movie: Paranormal Activity. Asheley began her acting career at age five when she played the title role in a community production of Chicken Little. Since then, she has received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting/Musical Theatre and has captured the attention of audiences on the New York stage, film festivals, and primetime television shows on FOX, HBO, E! and the Style Network.

Rumors that Stu and Jessie will appear in costume with graphically realistic oozing wounds appear at the moment to be unfounded. But you never know, strange things happen on Halloween – we might even be funny! Heh heh. Just a joke Stu, please don’t fire us.

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