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Ti West on THE INNKEEPERS and Ghost Films – Inside Horror

On this episode of INSIDE HORROR, hosts Elric Kane, Staci Layne Wilson and Rebekah McKendry welcome special guest, director Ti West (THE INNKEEPERS, HOUSE OF THE DEVIL) to talk about our favorite ghost movies. Visit for more information, and for additional perspectives follow the team on Twitter at @InsideHorror and Facebook at  

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Wrap: Director Ti West and Actress Ashley Palmer!

On Tuesday, October 27th at 8PM – LIVE! From the Future…with Stuart Paap! welcomed Ti West, Director of “The House of the Devil” and Ashley Palmer, actress from “Paranormal Activity”. Watch This Episode on First, Ti West joins us; Ti is a precocious young filmmaker who’s made 4 feature films – and he’s not more »

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