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The Purpose of Life

Tonight on Ask Dr. Sub-Zero we get into the real talk. We start by sending a shout to ReNiC, who couldn’t be here, but he is replaced by Gootecks of Cross Counter fame. From then we go right into the sacrifices, from going to see the new Batman right down to the Doc’s return to more »

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Open Phones

EPIXENTER: Episode 207 “Open Phones” Hogan “2kamRA” Carter and Cami “camiwins” Vicencio are back after a week break to host the seventh episode of Season 2 of filmed live HD studio. In this episode, NopeDope News includes what Sprint is doing with the Blackberry Playbook, how Google plans to sell more Android phones, more »

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Boo! Old Media

EPIXENTER: Episode 204 “Boo! Old Media” Hogan “2kamRA” Carter and Cami “camiwins” Vicencio host this amazing fith episode of Season 2 of filmed live at the amazing new HD set at In this show, your hosts cover the dopest (& nopest) news including a baby monkey who loves his ipod touch and a more »

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