Boo! Old Media

EPIXENTER: Episode 204 “Boo! Old Media”

Hogan “2kamRA” Carter and Cami “camiwins” Vicencio host this amazing fith episode of Season 2 of filmed live at the amazing new HD set at

In this show, your hosts cover the dopest (& nopest) news including a baby monkey who loves his ipod touch and a new way to express your musical likes while learning about new tunes from your friends! Then in DoWant, a unique xbox 360 cover is on Cami’s radar while Hogan found some inspiration for hoodies while at Comic-Con. Finally, in the interactive discussion segment, Dial Up, the hosts rant a bit about the new pricing layout from Netflix and even take a few calls via Skype!

EPIXENTER airs Monday Nights at 10pm Pacific (06:00 GMT on Tuesdays) only on

twitter: @epixentertv @2kamra @camiwins @thestreamdottv

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