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THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL Director Darren Lynn Bousman

For the Season 3 opener of INSIDE HORROR, hosts Elric Kane and Staci Layne Wilson welcome director Darren Lynn Bousman and writer-actor Terrance Zdunich, the twisted minds behind the brand new rock ‘n roll horror musical short film THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL. Based on the success of his SAW film series (director of II, III, and more »

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Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) Busts Out!

On the Season 2 finale of INSIDE HORROR, hosts Elric Kane and Staci Layne Wilson welcome legendary horror hostess Elvira, aka Cassandra Peterson, who shares her thoughts on the full arc of her career from Vegas showgirl (and Elvis Presley intimate) to working on Fellini’s ROMA, crazy fan encounters, and  going indie on the film more »

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Ti West on THE INNKEEPERS and Ghost Films – Inside Horror

On this episode of INSIDE HORROR, hosts Elric Kane, Staci Layne Wilson and Rebekah McKendry welcome special guest, director Ti West (THE INNKEEPERS, HOUSE OF THE DEVIL) to talk about our favorite ghost movies. Visit for more information, and for additional perspectives follow the team on Twitter at @InsideHorror and Facebook at  

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Jeffrey Combs on Inside Horror

L to R - Rebekah McKendry, Elric Kane, Jeffrey Combs, Staci Layne Wilson

This week on Inside Horror, Elric Kane, FANGORIA’s Rebekah McKendry and I welcomed a most esteemed and revered guest, none other than Dr. Herbert West. No, wait. It was Shephard Lambrick. Hold up. It was Edgar Allan Poe. Actually, it was all those guys, and many more icons, rolled into one iconic character actor, Jeffrey more »

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Inside Horror: The Sequel

Staci Layne Wilson, Joe Dante, Elric Kane, and Rebekah McKendry

Find out what Joe Dante, legendary genre director and our first guest for Inside Horror Season Two, had to say about film preservation, a new Gremlins DVD, and The Hole in 3D. Welcome our new chat booth and news-girl, Rebekah McKendry.

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