John Gulager & Elijah Drenner + Boobs! Gore! And Animal Attacks! – Inside Horror

On this episode of INSIDE HORROR, Elric Kane, Rebekah McKendry and I (Staci Layne Wilson) welcomed special guest John Gulager (director of the upcoming wet ‘n wild PIRANHA 3DD), along with show favorite Elijah Drenner who was on hand to talk about our giveaway of the new Blu-ray edition of GANJA & HESS, an obscure, arty vampire film.

First up, we talked about our favorite animal attack films. Elric went with the rats in FOOD OF THE GODS; Bekah, a once-budding entomologist, chose SLUGS; while I, an equal-opportunity abhorrent-animal aficionado, included the whole darn forest from DAY OF THE ANIMALS. Fun fact: I wrote a whole book on critters in the cinema. Even more fun fact: you can win a copy of said book! All you have to do is go to our Facebook page ( “like” us, and then post the title your favorite shark attack horror movie under the graphic of book-cover on our wall.

After that, we dished the dirt on some new movies (LOVELY MOLLY divided us!) and the news (SUSPIRIA remake casting announcements!), and dove right into the chummy waters with John Gulager, who revealed which of his PIRANHA 3DD cast members was the craziest (when the choices are Christopher Lloyd, David Hasselhoff or Gary Busey, well… you’ll just have to watch the show to find out! The answer surprised me) and answered your fan questions from the chat room. It was fun!

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