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Craigslist is the answer to dating…said no one ever.

I, for one, thought we would begin this episode with a forlorn Sheldon but, to my surprise, that was not the case. Sheldon was ready and willing to move on with his life after seeing Amy kiss her date goodnight, so he decides to enlist the expertise of his original matchmakers, Raj and Howard. The more »

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I Think We Should See Other People…

In last week’s episode, we saw Sheldon’s suffering at the loss of Amy compounded by the loss of Leonard as his roommate. In the end, Penny and Leonard decided that it would be less cruel to just adopt Sheldon as their dog then to actually move in together and live as a married couple (relationship more »

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The Best “Filking” Band Ever!

Well I’m officially a groupie! Howard and Raj formed a band and I gotta say, it’s “filking” awesome! Episode four was all over the place in the best way! Half was dedicated to Sheldon dealing with Penny and Leonard moving in together, while the other dealt with the coolest new band around, “Footprints on the more »

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