Sag Board Member Ned Vaughn

SAG board member Ned Vaughn was the guest on a special Tuesday edition of Filmnut. Did the contract vote with for an agreement with the AMPTP pass? We get right to that in the beginning of the show.

***Spoiler alert*** The vote passed.

Ned gave the local and national percentages… Beyond that we talked about the deal and SAG going forward from here. Under what circumstances would Ned support a strike authorization in the future? The influence of the Danny Devito/Rhea Perlman letter on not going for one in this past round of negotiations. What he thinks are the best and worst parts of the deal?

I bring up a couple of suggestions made by George Clooney to see if Ned thinks they can be followed up on. Techno whiz and founder Brian Gramo weighed in on the question of when will TV and the internet become one and the same. Ned also talked about the importance of working together, not only within the screen actors guild but the other performance unions as well. Finally I made a plea for unity in the union for people working together, getting involved, staying informed and working towards a better future for all artists.

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