Rage Review & Xbox Does Everything

Rage Reviewed and Xbox gets tv!
The All-New Game Show is down one host but hosts Jim Festante and Nikole Zivalich held down the fort with all the video game news, reviews, and let’s be honest: snark, you can handle. Get ready for explicit gaming coverage… and a girl.

COMBO news, news you might have missed, included Rage PC issues, Red Dead Redemption’s PC status, and Star Wars: The Old Republic’s release date, plus so much more.

Game of the Week was Bethesda and id Software’s latest FPS, Rage. We’ve been waiting for this game for years, did it live up to the hype?

Each month TGS (TANGS if you’re nasty) has a drawing for an Xbox 360 Kinect bundle. You can win tokens by guessing the right order of The Z List. Before each show you can enter to win a token by going to http:thestream.tv/theZlist. This week The Z List the best video game apocalypses. If the world is going to end, it better be in style.

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