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Welcome to INSIDE HORROR – Staci Layne Wilson here. My, my. What a salacious show we had for our second episode! There was crazy-talk about everything from a severed head found under the Hollywood sign thru our chat room peeps, to our special guest, THE WOMAN star Pollyanna McIntosh teaching Elric Kane, Jenna Busch and myself a new word: “Ginger-Dong.” Must be a Scottish thing. Anyway, you’ll find out the inventive ways in which she slipped that slang into the convo (as well as a few others – actually, this is a game she plays with her Facebook friends… they try to trip her up by giving her weird words she’s gotta use in her answers in interviews). It was certainly a lot of fun and games, but Pollyanna was also very succinct on telling us about how difficult it was the play such a raw, brutal and fearless yet vulnerable role in the Jack Ketchum story that made big waves of controversy when it played at Sundance last year.

We also delved into the indie vampire genre with a new horror film called MIDNIGHT SON, which is set to debut on Fearnet this Saturday. The director of the film, Scott Leberecht, gave us the inside scoop on how he got his idea and vision to the big screen and spilled a trade secret or two: a great one for all you aspiring filmmakers out there. Oh! And we also have an exclusive field report interview with the preternaturally beautiful Kate Beckinsale on coming back to play Death Dealer Selene in the fourth installment in the UNDERWORLD franchise – it’s “Awakening” and opens in theaters nationwide on January 20. We also gave the John Landis’ “Monsters in the Movies” book to one lucky fan, and have up for grabs a few copies of THE WOMAN DVD (tweet us #insidehorror @theStream.tv, or like us on Facebook for your chance to win).

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