Nikole Zivalich from The Game Show and G4

Games Editor Nikole Zivalich of G4TV was our guest artist for Stream, Lose or Draw #207. Still running out of Studio 3.5, Director Brian Gramo was joined by The Game Show host Jim Festante. Nikole previously hosted The Game Show with Jim before the show went on hiatus.

In true Game Show spirit Nikole and Jim downed a few shots to keep them on track.  Nikole quickly realized she was pretty good at the game while doodling on Brian’s iPad.

Topics discussed included the Nikole’s responsibilities at G4TV, her Squirrel Girl on XPlay, and the new Wonder Woman franchise.  Plus, we gave out more tokens for our end of the month drawing.

Nikole, Jim and Gweedz will all be returning in The All-New Game Show, which returns this June on

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