Moammar Gaddafi: Dazed and Excused

Gaddafi looks gross dead! Iliza and Alexis are back and they are taking a closer look at the pictures released of Gaddafi’s death. Sqeemish beware.

One million moms hate Schweddy Balls! A group of moms in Mississippi protest markets from carrying Ben & Jerry’s newest ice cream flavor. Iliza wants a Rhyme Cube and Alexis takes her car’s blood sugar level. With Halloween right around the corner, we have pictures of cute dogs in costumes!!

All this and MORE on the Weakly News!

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  1. GodsUncle on February 29, 2012 at 3:19 am

    The jokes are getting lame….you need new writers! Love the SHOW….don’t let the DREAM die!

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