MLG Anaheim League of Legends Tournament Recap

“Do you ever have this moment where you realize that you didn’t know a person -even though you thought you did?” Well now Dr. Sub-Zero has. He tells all about his discovery when throwing out his ex-girlfriend’s things and introduces everyone to tonight’s guest, the infamous D. Ildo.  In E3 news, to sum it up: none of us went.The group then recaps MLG and talks about Marn’s impressive performance in League of Legends. Also, a special shout-out to Fanatiq for winning at ECT.

Australian Slang: Ketchup- “Dead Horse.” Might be real, might be trolled. Who cares?

Classic Video game review – Star Control 2, 10/10. Just awesome.

Song of the week – Waterfall by Luigi Lusini,very relaxing- perfect environment music.

After the break, the group asks for ideas to make money to get Shogs to EVO before going into Q&A:Want to know Dr. Sub-Zero’s greatest fantasy? Last WoW raid? What would everyone do to get $100? Do video games help with women? Watch to find out! Also, the group tries to get Mark to swear.

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