Metal Gear Solid 4

Jack Thompson – barred from practicing law! Who is he? Oh, just some Florida attorney, Christian conservative, loud mouth who went after 2LiveCrew, Howard Stern, but especially video games, which he calls ‘murder simulators.’ Neat!<br><br>But, The Game Show, where can I read more about this douche? Why not check out our reading from the transcript (borrowing from the comedic stylings of Robert Smigel)?
<br><br>Anyway! Metal Gear! The weapons, the sneaking, the codec, the…plot? Not being very familiar with the MG world, Jim and Nikole have to guess whether a plot Dave mentions is real or not, or in this case Solid…or Shit!<br><br>As for MGS4…if you own a PS3, you need this game. If you don’t own a PS3, this is the game to buy it for. Customizable weapons, the choice to sneak or go in guns blazing, not to mention it’s probably the most beautiful game on the entire system make this one a no-brainer.<br><br>Oh, and more Pac-Mobelia! Someone won a copy of MGS4 for guessing correctly! We all win!

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